Why Three Basketeers?

The original Three Basketeers, Luke, Daniel and Brett, are young men on the autism spectrum. As they were aging out of the school system, they and their parents joined forces with a vocational teacher to develop a business that would showcase their skills and provide meaningful work for them. Our Basketeers have MANY strengths such as artistic ability, organizational skills, and attention to detail, which are the perfect fit for a gift basket business.

Can you ship my Gift?

YES! Boxes by Basketeers are shippable versions of our original gift baskets.  We are also able to ship our Basket Bits. Original Gift Baskets are available for Special Delivery by one of our Basketeers in Forsyth and North Fulton Counties. For all of our products, we offer pick up in our North Forsyth shop at 6805 Keith Bridge Road, in Cumming at Graves Overhead Doors, in Alpharetta at BrewAble and in Peachtree Corners at ReClif.

Who makes your gifts?

The Special Gifts that we offer are made by Special People with developmental disabilities.  All of our Gift Baskets and Boxes are packaged by Basketeers, who proudly sign their work.  "Basket Bits", many of which are hand made, feature the Basketeers' original designs.  Our Gift Baskets and Boxes also contain specially curated items from business partners who employ adults with special needs.  Your gift purchase provides meaningful work for countless deserving individuals from around the country!

Where is your shop located?

You can find us in North Forsyth County at 6805 Keith Bridge Road at the intersection of Jot-Em Down Road.  Click HERE for a map. 

When will my gift be ready?

Your gift will be ready within one week of purchase. You will receive an email notifying you of shipping information, available pickup times for your chosen location, or arranging for Special Delivery by our Basketeers.

Can my Gift Basket be customized?

Yes!  Please see our "Build Your Own" Collection where you can choose Basket Bits and treats to customize your gift. For large (corporate) orders, we are happy to work with you to customize your baskets; please email us at Contact@ThreeBasketeers.org.  Be sure to sign up for our email distribution list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear about additional new products!

Are donations to Three Basketeers tax deductible?

Yes! Three Basketeers is a tax exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, whose mission is to provide meaningful work for adults with developmental disabilities.   EIN# 84-3397180

When will you offer new Gift Baskets?

We are always planning new gift baskets and will have more available soon. If you sign up for our email distribution list or follow us on Facebook, you will know as soon as they are available.

I have an adult child with a developmental disability. Can s/he be a Basketeer?

Our plan is to provide work for as many people as possible. As our business grows, we will definitely be needing more help. If you'd like to nominate someone to become a Basketeer, please complete this form and we will add them to our Waiting List.  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our website with everyone you know to help us grow. Every Special Gift sold gets us closer to having more Basketeers!

I have a great idea for a new Gift Basket or product. How can I share it with you?

We are always looking for new gift ideas! Please email us at  Contact@ThreeBasketeers.org to share your great idea.